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Monday, 29 May 2017

Google earth captures a UFOS space ship close to earth

A UFO was reportedly captured on Google Earth with an 'alien' poking its head out to have a look around.
UFO hunter Scott Waring, who has made a blog on UFO Sightings with the aim of making the UFO community more organised, took to YouTube recently to upload a video of the UFO encounter over the skies of Montana, Metro.co.uk reported.
Waring said in the video that when he took a a closer look at it on Monday night, he realized that it wasn't just a regular UFO and one could see there was an object with a roundish head on it, sticking out from the top. He added that it looked like an alien grey head sticking from the top of the ship, as the curvature looked like a huge cranium with a giant head with a small chin area.

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