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Monday, 31 July 2017

Questions and Answers About Aliens!!

By On July 31, 2017
Recently, I was given a set of questions for a study on alien beings. I thought that our readers might also enjoy this. It is very basic, but gives those who are studying the alien phenomena for the first time a foundation to build on.


There is no indication that aliens are related to humans. However, many researchers believe that ancient aliens may have seeded earth, that is, left their offspring to evolve on earth and eventually lead to the race we now call human beings.
Those who propose an "ancient astronaut" theory cite ancient cave drawings, rock carvings, etc. as proof of early alien intervention on earth.
There is also the possibility that alien beings produced hybrid beings with earthlings. There is no way to prove nor debunk these theories at this time.


Although there are many theories about what aliens look like, I can only go by what has been reported by those who claim to have had actual sightings or close encounters with alien beings. The case that is often referenced for an alien description is the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction.
The descriptions given by Betty Hill are very similar to those given by eyewitnesses at the Roswell Crash.
Normally they are described as small and spindly. They have gray-colored bodies with large heads and eyes that, to us, seem too large for the rest of their torso. They are called the grays.
There have been reports of many other sizes and types of aliens, ranging from tall, Nordic-type creatures to reptilian creatures, but the grays are by far the most widely reported.


We are afraid of anything we don't understand. We have been studying UFO sightings and alien encounters for over 60 years now, yet the existence of alien beings is still a highly debated topic.
We are afraid that if an alien race did land on earth, we might be relegated to a slave race, working for the aliens, or a source of food.
Some people believe that aliens would be benevolent, yet others thing that they might even destroy us to use the earth for their own needs. Sci-Fi movies have offered various scenarios on this subject, and the theories presented are fodder for conversation and debate. The various accounts of alien abductions definitely recount a very sinister race of beings.


There are basically three workable theories.
A. One is that they possess highly advanced technology that enables them to travel faster than the speed of light, and therefore traverse the vast distances of the galaxy easily.
B. Another popular theory of where the aliens come from is that they exist in a parallel universe. This means that they live in the same time frame we do, but in another dimension, and can't be seen by us, except when they want to be seen. Sighting reports of UFO ships appearing, and suddenly disappearing can be explained by the parallel universe theories.
C. A third theory is that they are already living on our planet, possibly from an earlier seeding, and that they are only seen rarely.
Some believe these beings live in underground or under-sea bases.
There are also many theories that propose that aliens are being kept by the governments of the world in our own institutions. This would imply that we are conversing with at least one alien race, exchanging characteristics of our existence, and milking technology.

Alien abductions!! what you need to know

By On July 31, 2017

It is an accepted fact in the UFO community that very few scientists will entertain the idea that UFOs are real. To take this one step further, it is even rarer that an educated, professional person would delve into the dark, puzzling world of alien abductions. Author Whitley Strieber is one of those rare individuals. His book, "Communion," is a must read for anyone interested in the subject.
Strieber is an abductee himself, and his abduction is one of the most bizarre on record.
Isolated Cabin:
Strieber was already a well-known author when he was vacationing with his wife and son over the Christmas holidays in 1985. His strange abduction would take place in an isolated cabin in the northern part of New York state. The lonely setting of the cabin caused him to have concerns for this family's safety, and he had only recently had a cutting edge security system installed.
Creature in the Bedroom:
Strieber had activated his system at about 11:00 PM on December 26, and his family began to retire for the evening. A few hours later, he heard a strange sound, which woke him from sleep. Thinking that he might have a burglar who had set off the alarm system, he went to check it out. As he did, he was shocked to see a creature standing in his bedroom.
Seeking Help:
The next thing that Strieber knew, he was sitting in the woods that encircled his cabin.
He was at a loss to explain what had happened, and how he had gotten from the bedroom to the woods. His memories were lost, and he eventually sought the help of Dr. Donald F. Klein. Klein would perform regressive hypnosis on Strieber in an attempt to recover the lost time. The sessions would be helpful, and enable him to recover many of the details of what had really happened on the night of December, 26, 1985.
Four Types of Aliens:
Strieber recalled being floated from his bedroom to a UFO, which was waiting somewhere above the thick woods. He would see several different types of alien beings on the ship: one a little robot type, another was a short, stocky humanoid, the third type was very thin and frail with haunting black, slanted eyes, and the last had smaller, button-type eyes. He would undergo a number of medical procedures on the UFO.
Medical Procedures:
One of the harrowing procedures was the insertion of a long needle directly into his brain. The aliens also inserted a tool into his rectum, and took a blood sample from his finger. Because many of the details of his alleged abduction were so bizarre, Dr. Klein diagnosed Strieber as having "temporal lobe epilepsy." One of the most common effects of the condition is the onset of hallucinations.
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy:
According to Epilepsy.com, temporal lobe epilepsy can be explained this way:
The features of seizures beginning in the temporal lobe can be extremely varied, but certain patterns are common. There may be a mixture of different feelings, emotions, thoughts, and experiences, which may be familiar or completely foreign. In some cases, a series of old memories resurfaces.
Hallucinations of Voices:
In others, the person may feel as if everything—including home and family—appears strange. Hallucinations of voices, music, people, smells, or tastes may occur. These features are called “auras” or “warnings.” They may last for just a few seconds, or may continue as long as a minute or two.
Diagnosis Unacceptable:
It is interesting to note that Strieber would not accept Dr. Klein's diagnosis, and believed that all of the events he recalled in regressive hypnosis really happened. He would form a support group for abductees, and writes extensively on the subject. He maintains the Unknown Country web site.

NASA close Finish Line of Annual Study of Changing Antarctic Ice

By On July 31, 2017
“Operation IceBridge is particularly well suited to measure changes in polar ice: it carries probably the most innovative and precise package of instruments ever flown over Antarctica,” Newman said. "This campaign was possibly the best Antarctic campaign IceBridge has ever had,” said John Sonntag, IceBridge mission scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "We flew as many flights as we did in our best prior campaigns down here, and we certainly got more science return out of each flight than we have before, due to steadily improving instrumentation and also to some exceptionally good weather in the Weddell Sea that favored our sea ice flights." Antarctica is heading into austral summer, a period of rapid sea ice melt in the Southern Ocean. But this year the sea ice loss has been particularly swift and the Antarctic sea ice extent is currently at the lowest level for this time of year ever recorded in the satellite record, which began in 1979. "We flew over the Bellingshausen Sea many times during 
this campaign and saw that areas that are typically covered by sea ice were just open water this year,” said Nathan Kurtz, IceBridge’s project scientist and a sea ice researcher at NASA Goddard. "It is a reminder that it is important that we continue the time series of IceBridge measurements in the area so that we can measure both changes in sea ice extent and in sea ice thickness to assess the future trajectory of the ice pack and its impact on the climate.” IceBridge expanded its reach this year, covering a vast swath of Antarctica – from the Ruppert Coast in West Antarctica to Recovery Glacier in the eastern half of the continent, plus the Weddell and Bellingshausen seas. Additionally, IceBridge flew twice over the South Pole, an area rarely measured since satellites don’t overfly it. During its six weeks of operations from its base in Punta Arenas, in the southernmost tip of Chile, IceBridge carried out 24 flights over Antarctica. In total, IceBridge’s airborne laboratory and team flew 308 hours. "We are very satisfied that we flew all of our baseline flights and most of our high-priority ones,” said Joe MacGregor, IceBridge deputy project scientist and glaciologist at Goddard. "We flew to places we had never surveyed comprehensively before or had only flown once, like the Abbott Ice Shelf, and revisited some of our classic targets, like the ever-changing Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers.” One of this year’s missions flew over a massive rift in the Antarctic Peninsula’s Larsen C Ice Shelf. Ice shelves are the floating parts of ice streams and glaciers, and they buttress the grounded ice behind them; when ice shelves collapse, the ice behind accelerates toward the ocean, where it then adds to sea level rise. Larsen C neighbors a smaller ice shelf that disintegrated in 2002 after developing a rift similar to the one now growing in Larsen C. The IceBridge scientists measured the Larsen C fracture to be about 70 miles long, more than 300 feet wide and about a third of a mile deep. The crack completely cuts through the ice shelf but it does not go all the way across it – once it does, it will produce an iceberg roughly the size of the state of Delaware. "It’s a large rift on an ice shelf whose future we are curious about. Inevitably, when you see it in satellite imagery or from a plane, you wonder what is going to happen when it breaks off,” MacGregor said. "However, large icebergs calve from ice shelves regularly and they normally do not lead to ice-shelf collapse. The growth of this rift likely indicates that the portion of the ice shelf downstream of the rift is no longer holding back any grounded ice.” 

 As with every field season, IceBridge collaborated with other science teams: this year, IceBridge flew under one of ESA’s (the European Space Agency) CryoSat-2 satellite’s tracks and coordinated with a team from the British Antarctic Survey that was also conducting aerial surveys of the frozen continent. "The British group began their campaign after we did, but targeted some of the areas we flew with a similar instrument suite. Once we process our data and they process theirs, we’ll be able to compare our measurements and combine them to form a better picture of Antarctica,” MacGregor said. "We also flew over their on-continent bases, providing them with images of nearby areas as they prepare their operations for this field season.” During her stay in Punta Arenas, Newman met with Chilean researchers and students to discuss future opportunities with Chile. “We love working with our Chilean colleagues: from the northern Atacama desert for astrobiology research to its southernmost city, Punta Arenas, to study Antarctic land and sea ice,” Newman said. “Given this strong partnership, we’re looking forward to exciting future collaborations.” In addition to the NASA deputy administrator, IceBridge also welcomed U.S. Ambassador to Chile Carol Perez. Other guest participation included visitors from the State Department and U.S. Embassy in Chile; six U.S. teachers currently living and teaching in Chile; a Facebook representative; a visual artist; two photographers; and several journalists from various media outlets. IceBridge researchers and Maggie Kane, a high school science teacher from Colorado who was embedded in the Antarctic campaign through the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States’ PolarTREC program, participated in 70 chats directly from the plane with classrooms in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Chile, reaching over 1,800 students. Kane also gave several talks on IceBridge’s research to Chilean students in Punta Arenas and Santiago. The mission of Operation IceBridge is to collect data on changing polar land and sea ice and maintain continuity of measurements between NASA's Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) missions. The original ICESat mission ended in 2009, and its successor, ICESat-2, is scheduled for launch in 2018. Operation IceBridge, which began in 2009, is currently funded until 2019. The planned overlap with ICESat-2 will help scientists validate the satellite’s measurements. For more about Operation IceBridge and to follow future campaigns, visit:

Sees in the Dark' the Evolution of Antarctica’s!!!

By On July 31, 2017

As Antarctica remains shrouded in darkness during the Southern Hemisphere winter, the Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) on Landsat 8 captured a new snap of the 2,240-square-mile iceberg that split off from the Antarctic Peninsula’s Larsen C ice shelf on July 10-12. 

The satellite imagery is a composite of Landsat 8 as it passed on July 14 and July 21 and shows that the main berg, A-68, has already lost several smaller pieces. The A-68 iceberg is being carried by currents northward out of its embayment on the Larsen C ice shelf. The latest imagery also details a group of three small, not yet released icebergs at the north end of the embayment.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

On Monday, August 21, 2017 earth to experiences total solar eclipse

By On July 30, 2017
On Monday, August 21, 2017 earth to experiences total solar eclipse: On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see...

Falcon Lake Encounter !! A true life event

By On July 30, 2017

One of the best documented cases of physical trace evidence is known as the "Falcon Lake Encounter." Occurring on May 19, 1967, the lone participant was Stephen Michalak, who was a mechanic by trade, but his hobby was prospecting for silver. He was enjoying his favorite pastime when he encountered two UFOs, and actually touched one of the unknown flying objects that had landed in his vicinity.
Falcon Lake Quartz::
Michalak was a resident of Winnipeg, Canada, but had taken a short vacation in The Whiteshell Provincial Park. He was quite familiar with the area, having prospected there on a number of occasions. He had been told that there were veins of quartz to be found near Falcon Lake. He was up early on May, 19, and after a couple of hours had found a vein of the precious material, stopped for a lunch break, and then resumed his digging.
Two Red Glowing Objects:
Shortly after the noon hour, he heard the sound of geese. Looking up to see them, he was surprised to also see two elongated objects which were descending toward the ground. They were glowing a reddish color. The closer they came to him, the more they took on a disc-shape. While he was watching in awe, one of the UFOs hovered in mid-air.
Object Lands on Large Rock:
The second UFO continued to descend until it finally landed on a large rock about 150 feet from him.
The hovering object moved away, changing from red to orange, and finally gray before disappearing into a cloud bank. The landed UFO then began to change its colors in a like fashion. Ultimately, the gray appeared as "hot stainless steel."

Craft From Another World:
As he watched this strange flying object, he saw brilliant purple lights coming from openings in the front of the object.
He was already wearing protective glasses, and they helped shield his eyes. The smell of sulfur was now unmistakable. He also heard a hissing sound from this craft which must have been from another world. His curiosity was running wild.
Door Opens in Craft:
Gaining his composure, he did a sketch of the UFO, yet never moved from where he stood for a half-hour. Then, an opening appeared in the object. He was able to view inside the craft. The inside was lit up like a Christmas tree. His curiosity got the best of him, as he moved ever closer to the UFO. He was now about 60 feet from it, and decided to go even closer.
Panels Hide the Door:
Finally, he was at the door. He looked in, and saw panels of different colored lights, and light beams crossing each other like security laser beams. The panel array was similar to a display on a computer. He could not see any living beings in the craft, and decided to walk back out of the UFO. Compare Michalak's description with that of Dr.Botta Three panels quickly closed, and the door was gone.
Vent Catches Shirt on Fire:
Examining the exterior of the craft, he reached out to touch it. He described it as "highly polished colored glass with no breaks or seams in its surface." When he made contact with the craft, his glove was melted from the heat.
Then, the object moved! He could now see a vented opening about nine inches tall by six inches wide. The heat that came from the vent caught Michalak's shirt and undershirt afire. Pulling them off quickly, he was in extreme pain.
Severe Illness:
He could see the craft as it ascended in the skies above. A rush of air could be felt as it left the ground. His most immediate need at this point was medical attention. Before leaving the area, he tried to make a landmark by piling up debris, rocks, anything he could get his hands on. He now was suffering from a bad headache, broke into a cold sweat, and vomited.
The Aftermath:
He eventually made his way to a hospital, where he was treated for his severe burns on his chest, and his nausea. Was his experience the real thing? There is no reason to believe that Michalak made his story up.
He was known as a reliable, honest man who was not given to creating tall tales. He paid all of his own expenses, including a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He attempted to recover some of his costs-he did write a booklet on his experiece at Falcon Lake, but it lost money.

The place of Michalak's encounter was investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and other governmental and civilian UFO groups. Also, the Condon Committee did an investigation. There was actually nothing left to investigate, yet nothing was found to debunk his story either. Michalak is one of the few people to claim injury from contact with a UFO, and his account is considered legitimate.

On Monday, August 21, 2017 earth to experiences total solar eclipse

By On July 30, 2017

On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe inspiring sights - a total solar eclipse. 

This path, where the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun's tenuous atmosphere - the corona - can be seen, will stretch from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. 

Observers outside this path will still see a partial solar eclipse where the moon covers part of the sun's disk. 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

falling Angels!!! were did they come from

By On July 29, 2017

This angels that came down were did they come from if were are all alone in this universe why ANGELS AND GOD

 all of this are all links connecting to a paticular place that no one wants to clear us about instead they keep telling us stories upon stories,

Alien and humans at area 51 check out!!!

By On July 29, 2017

Its claimed that there is no prove of alien existance yet at ocassional bases photograph of human and aliens are joining force and shareing intelligence this images were is it goten from or there is really something i dont know and the few that know are scared to share and to let poeple know about it.

Animal wonders you won't belive

By On July 29, 2017

This animal did some wonders that shocked every one, the question is what met have giving this creature the gots to perfume such an unbelievable act of such height this reasons is beyond ordinary explanation something met have triggered this creature to perfume such a task or is there something some one is hiding or even the government. anyway there need to be some serious explanation.

Monday, 24 July 2017

alien merterials discovered in atlatic ocean

By On July 24, 2017
what do you think about this tiny creature remains that was discovered in the middle of the ocean wear no terrestial animal can ever survivie within such range, this creature remain doesnt look like any on land an alien creature, an unknown trace.

Residents of Las Vegas, Mexico fled their homes to catch a glimpse of a weird massive structured

By On July 24, 2017
It could be a scene from Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds.

Residents of Las Vegas, Mexico fled their homes to catch a glimpse of a weird massive structured UFO looming over the horizon.

Since Las Vegas is not too far away from Roswell, some people suggested the aliens must have escaped from Roswell.

Though, Jorge Torres, chief meteorologist at KOB-TV, who received photos from the UFO and posted it on his Twitter account, identified the flying saucer as a typically lenticular cloud which normally materializes above mountains but sometimes a lenticular cloud appears in flat open places like Las Vegas.

Despite Mr. Torrres' explanation, there is strong evidence that UFOs do cloak themselves with clouds which they apparently generate.

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