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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

UFO sighting reports# its happening

Those of us who scan over UFO sighting reports on a daily basis normally see witnesses send in reports from all corners of the earth. These reports generally are spread fairly evenly across the United States and Great Britain, with a few from other countries. But, now and then, we begin to see an unusually large number of reports from one location.

Lately, an abnormal number of reports have come from Michigan, which is a state with a rich UFO history.

This recent "flap" of sightings began in August, and continues to this day. Here is a bit of history of famous UFO sightings in Michigan, followed by sighting reports from the recent wave.

One of the most well known cases in Michigan involves the loss of the lives of pilot Lieutenant Felix Moncla, Jr., and the normally forgotten radar operator, 2nd Lieutenant R. Wilson.

When an Air Defense Command Ground Intercept radar controller at Truax AFB picked up an unknown target on November 23, 1953, an F-89C Scorpion jet was scrambled from Kinross Field. Pursuing the UFO at 500 mph, the Scorpion gained ground, but the UFO abruptly changed course.

Moncla had difficulty tracking the UFO on radar, and relied on ground control to point him to the object. After 30 minutes of chasing the UFO, the Scorpion began to bridge the gap on the UFO, now over Lake Superior.

Finally, according to ground control, Moncla and Wilson flew close enough to their target that the two radar blips merged into one.

Thinking that the Scorpion had flown over or under the UFO, it was expected that the one blip would soon become two again. This was not to be.

To the operator's surprise, there was no radar return at all. Messages to the Scorpion went unanswered, and an emergency message was sent to Search and Rescue.

The last position marked was off of Keweenaw Point. The Search and Rescue team, though making an all out effort, came up empty.

The official conclusion to this mystery was: "... the pilot probably suffered from vertigo and crashed into the lake." Several alternative explanations were offered, all without evidence. One even claimed that the Scorpion exploded in mid air. But, if so, what happened to the UFO? Or was there a mid air collision? We may never know

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